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Why did we create MiniEwan©? Well, for some years now we've been collecting and making miniatures as a hobby (visit More Mini Creations to see some pre-MiniEwan© stuff). It was just by lucky chance that our favorite actor could be merged with our favorite hobby. We have always been driven by creativity and humor. Ewan, being the kind of man and actor he is has given us some great inspiration to work with. He is definitely unique, as is our hobby.
MiniEwan© is comprised of the head from the 12" Obi-Wan Kenobi action figure from EP1 and the body of a jointed Ken doll. The process of getting Obi-Wan's head to go onto the Ken body is quite complicated. For the Mark Renton/Duncan doll I had to have $300+ worth of stitches at the emergency room from slicing my finger open with an exacto knife. YUCK!
In order to customize each doll, including MiniEwan's© costars, sometimes we have to carve with an exacto knife, sand, buff and paint until they "become" the character. We re-root the hair when necessary (that can take up to 5 hours) and make costumes, props and sets until it all comes together.  It's like a treasure hunt. We search flea markets, swap meets, thrift stores, toy shops and online merchants for faces and bodies that match as closely as possible the characters we need, as well as props, pieces and parts. We hope to sculpt our own heads someday (and possibly bodies too). The materials needed to do so can be expensive and the process very difficult. There are certain characters we just can't get without custom sculpted heads. But for now, we don't have the time or money to start that process, and we always seem to find the dolls we need for even some to of the most unusual characters.
The perfect example of a character we never thought we'd find the perfect doll for, was Toulouse Lautrec.

MiniToulouse started out as one of the InSync marionette dolls. We're not familiar with their names, so we're not sure which one he is.

Being a marionette he was very loose so we had to wrap elastic around all of his joints in order to pose him. We carved his hair down and re-painted him, enhanced his eyes and made his outfit and accessories. It was amazing to see him transform into Toulouse before our eyes!

Above is a photo of our Zidler doll in the process of being created. He is now complete, and we just need to finish our cancan girls to get some shots done and posted. He was given a stuffed tummy, his red coat and outfit and his facial hair. We used a GI, Joe "safari" doll with similar features to Jim Broadbent. The lady doll in the back (from the Drew Carey show) is in the process of becoming the can can girl in pink pocadots.


We've had numerous requests to sell our MiniEwan© dolls, and though we would love to, there are several factors that prevent us from doing so. The Obi-Wan dolls we use are hard to come by now, not to mention the image rights both with using a Star Wars figure as well as Ewan's image. Also, we just don't have time to keep up with all of the requests. For these reasons we will make no exceptions. We would be glad to assist anyone who wants to make their own. We will offer advice in whatever way we can. Please don't hesitate to email us with any questions. Others have already been hard at work making their very own custom MiniEwans©. Go check out our new section Created By You and get inspired!


We would like to give special thanks to those who have led us to sources for Friendly Plastic which we use to prepare the heads for attaching to the bodies. Also, for those who have created their own MiniEwan© dolls, both featured here on the site and otherwise, we've totally enjoyed helping you out. Keep up the great work! ~Nada & Nettie



Please do not take any images from our website and claim them as you own!
All images are the sole property of Nada and Nettie at TheMiniFacesofEwan© (MiniEwan© By You and third party Gallery submissions are the sole property of their creators). If you want to use any of our images on another website, or for any other purpose than personal enjoyment, please contact us and ask our permission, and be sure to give us due credit. We are not concerned about the unaltered images of Ewan McGregor himself, only the dolls, miniatures, artistically altered Ewan images,
and Mr. Leo Ruhnau. We greatly appreciate your honesty. Thank you.

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